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外观特征 基本参数 产品配件 产品配色

product model QF-FL6S-80W
Total power 80W
Rated current 2.4A
Rated voltage 30-36
Warm white temperature 2700K
Are white temperature 6000K
Cold white temperature 7000K
IP Grade IP65
Normal work junction temperature 85℃
LED chips quantity 1
LED efficacy level 80Lm/w
LED chips Epistar/Bridegelux chips


1.High-quality aluminum radiator and power split box design, separation of effective heating, cooling through shell wing and air convection, assure the the heat dissipationrequirements of the LED light source, to protect the life of the LED. The light surface is anodic oxidation treatedt with compact appearance and dust-proof performance.

2.Self-sealed high-power LED light source module, low light decay, pure light color.

3.Long lifespan, good chip cooling technology to adequately ensure the light source life,  light decay less than 15% within 30,000 hours.

4.Green product, no pollution, no lead, mercury or other pollution elements.

5.sing high-purity aluminum as the reflector, big light angle, good illumination uniformity, no glare or strobe  

6.High CRI , good light stability, and close to natural light.

7.Apply constant current and constant voltage control for wide voltage (AC 85V~265V)


The parking lot, billboards, stadium, building exterior lighting, amusement park, airports, Bridges, tunnels and other places.

High Bay Application: