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product model QF-SL6S-100W Input Voltage AC90V~264V
Led Power Consumption 84W Freqency Range 47Hz~63Hz
System Power Consumption 103W Total Harmonic Distortion ≤9%
Led Luminous Efficiency 77Lm/w Power Factor >0.9
Led Initital Luminous Flux 8000Lm Lifespan 50000H
Illuminance Uniformity >0.7 Working Voltage DC126V
Color Temperature 3000k-6500k Led Quantity 84pcs

 1.Apply High brightness integrated modular LED as light source, choose the imported high brightness semiconductor chips with high heat conductivity, low luminous     decay, pure light color and no ghosting and so on.
 2.LED light source directly in close contact with the casing, the casing and the air convection cooling heat sink, heat derived to ensure the effective light source    life.
 3.Lamps can be used in high humidity environments.
 4.Light aluminum alloy die cast housing, anodized surface or spray treatment, the overall lighting to IP65 standards
 5.Using small-angle lens, effectively raising the reflectivity, and luminous flux output, arc design targeted to control the LED to light within the range needed to    improve the lighting effect of a light uniformity and utilization of solar energy, highlighting the significant energy-saving advantages of LED lighting.
 6.Start without delay, that is, turn on the light, without waiting to reach normal brightness, switching frequency can reach millions more.
 7.Installation is simple and versatile.
 8.Green product without pollution, flood design, non-thermal radiation, the eyes and skin without any harm, does not contain lead, mercury pollution elements to    achieve a real sense of energy saving lighting.
 9.Give full play to the LED circuit DC voltage and energy saving advantages, solar photovoltaic panels combined with LED light source for customers to achieve the    best cost performance and high reliability.

 Can be widely used in guesthouses, hotels, hotel, KTV, residential areas, road lighting.

Tunnel light Applications: